Humantiy and how we give up to early

Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 5:46 PM By: fearisaplacetolive

Sometimes I think of how people are these days and it just makes me sad and angry because off how others are treating one another, what is the purpose its only going to hurt them in the end. But people how are like that do not realize that they are going down a dark and lonely road nothing but their regret and guilt to hold on too, will turn their heart into cole and turns your soul cold.
People who like to bring pain and suffering upon others their soul is already gone and which means that it would be harder to make them feel and understand and sometimes you can't save them because they already decided to give their soul to the underworld.
I wonder why the bull shit around me does not turn my heart into cole, it's confuseing for me because I do hate others I may not like how they are acting and their adduits, however it's not in me to hate but disslike how that person is acting in that moment, because they could lighten up bit.

Sometimes others need direction but not sure on how to go about it in a posstive way, normally they behave inproper as a result to beating others up, killing or mugging others, also can be a cry for help, but most of us just turn the other cheek instead of trying to help them get better and be apart off humanity once again, however sometimes it's us who give up too early because if we really tryed with everything that we have I bet we can make progress with some people who are very disturbed. Know most of you out there who reads this might think my the crazy one. However I am just trying to say that why give up on humanity all together if we work hard they someone people they could change their view of life however we have have faith and hope for that person to change their way of living.

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