Poetry From 12-Year Old Me

Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 9:54 AM By: Anomaly

I have just found my old poetry book I used to carry around with during my middle school and high school years 2002-2004! Since I noticed poem blogs popping up every once and awhile I decided to share mine. Take in consideration this is coming from a 12-16 year old angst-ridden boy at the time. Please do not take any without my permission, and enjoy!

My Psychopathic Poems
By: Anomaly

Slipping Closer & Closer

As I enter the room covered with peers,
I am waiting for my assignment that lurks near.
As a cold breath blooms across me,
I turn around ever so softly.
A silhouette of a demon I seen,
My thoughts were very keen.

He punished me with his jokes, and cruel laughter.
Things he said he thought he would get away with.
Everyday slipping closer and closer.
Disrespecting, uncontrollable jesters.
Everyday slipping closer and closer.

Til that day arrived when a fist was throned.
Brushed off my shoulder, it hurt my bone.
Not taking permission to assault a friend,
He did it again, and again.

Two,three,four,more and more.
Anger rushes inside of me, fast and uncontrollably.
Thoughts of death follow up behind my head thinking swiftly.
"I can't let this go, I can't let this be." ,
As I thought so quietly.

Then I slip to another place in time and agree to let your control loose.
"This is the end of your games, there will be no truce".
Grabbing his head with the palm of my hand,
I take it and slam,slam,slam.
Brain cells begin to fry away,
I have thoughts of him dieing today.
Soon he grabs my arm and pulls away,
Walks back slowly,
Looking confused and empty.

Everyday slipping closer and closer,
that day came, and now its over.

You Won

I'm trapped again.
In a cage with no friends.
All I see are enemies, trying to kill me.

When I try to move, I bleed.
When I try to succeeded, I fail.
They are smashing my heart in with silver nails.

I want them to go,
I want them to die.
They push me down whenever I try.

Fighting my way out, I'm dieing inside.
Everyday falling no chance to survive.

I guess this is it, it's the end...
All those people broke my defense.

My body is mutilated, but I'm still here.
My life has finally ended with agony, failure, and fear.

Commercialized Products of Society

I see you walking everyday thinking that your good.
I see you talking, thinking your thoughts are all understood.
I see you buying all that crap, everything that you could.

You think you can be someone else by just blending in.
You think you can be a star with just the clothes, money & sin.
You better be ready for the crap your going to take,
You going to fall in the dirt, cry and your going to break!

Stereotype child with a messed up brain.
Its people like you that drive me insane.
You cant understand whats right from wrong,
Only if it is sung to you from a famous song.

Buy my shirt, that is cool, buy my CD 'cause 'I rule'
Try to look the best in school,
ending up the complete fool.

Life is more then just popularity
have you ever heard of the word sincerity?

Who are they to you?
Plenty I see,
You have a hard time finding the key
To open up your heart and finally realize,
Those people are ugly, devils in disguised.

Your getting pointed out and ridiculed
Then you'll hide your head, your the fool
You finally understand whats going on
..and the hell with that famous song
Its yourself that you got to know
let the real person show.

Sticks & Stones (You Can't Win)

Push me around, make me mad.
Put me down, make me sad.
Just keep giving me 'tries' and 'tries',
make my hate rise.

You think you got me,
you think you won.
You ain't seen none of my anger son'.

I'll slice you up and cut you down.
Or maybe I'll make you drown.

You put me though a lot, but I'll put your though more.
Smash your between an iron door.

Try to put me though hell, you'll regret it.
You'd wish you never 'said it.'

  1. Sensitive avatar

    On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Sensitive said:

    Use this for a song, dude!;)

  2. DerdriueBurden avatar

    On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 2:38 AM, DerdriueBurden said:

    these are really good poems and i can relate to them so I know what you went through

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