I LOVE KORN!!!!!!! I have loved them since the beging! GRADE school I was walking around the playground singing "Blind". . Thought I was going to grow up to marry Jonathan and have babies with Munky... tsk tsk... kids and their dreams.
Now over ten years later, I have actually gone to see Korn only once :( but have damn near every collectible imagined of the band logo... I know cheesy.. but I'm a freaking psycho bout them men!!
Their music has been a HUGE part of my life, almost daily I listen to at least one song that goes with my mood of the day or decides my mood of the day..
I'm in southeast Iowa and get alot of shit for loving Korn.. ironically cause its the crop of the state... fuck em all.. I attend the local community college for like the 3rd time. I have gone for auto body repair, criminology, and am now just finishing my Applied Arts degree so that I can further my studies in Mortuary Sciences.. I work in a satellite factory driving a fork lift and busting my ass on the floor with the rest of the minions (usually doing half of their jobs) and am looking to possibly try out working for the rail road operating a crane!
Constantly in and out of relationships ( i got attachment issues.. or is it commitment issues when you just don't care to be with someone once they start talking bout future life plans??) Currently in a failing relationship and bout to freak out!
In middle school i was "living dead girl", then came high school where it was changed to "fucking freak" and that one has stuck ever since. I don't make friends easily and hardly ever keep them once a relationship is established. The couple I have I would kill for and believe they would kill for me also.. till death do we part...
I come from a fucked up family but stay as close to them as my mind permits.. Love em all, but would love to kill them more..
I'm a HUGE horror movie geeker. Tarantino, Zombie, and Hitchcock are a few of my personal favorites. I love to read to.. yeah thats right... I'm pretty fucking smart... when I want to be.. but reading for entertainment is my preference. Anything from tattoo magazines to goth magzines to true crime novels and yes... Stephen King was my first favorite author. I am currently reading on how and why females become serial killers.. gotta have open future career options ya know.. just kidding. But I am very interested in some unusual and even weird shit. Death, aliens, afterlife, ghosts, astrology and most interest is in sex. I'm a fiend but got restraint... barely but its there.. S&M is of interest but not practiced near as much as I would like.. so many unwilling participants..
Anyways, I could sit here and write for hours bout all my likes and dislikes and probably tell some good stories but that is not why I am on here. I am here to find others out there like me that share a life style involving Korn!! Almost like they are a religious cult... and talk bout korn, share videos or music or pictures or even shopping sites for memorabilia!! I don't care!! Here its all bout the MUSIC and I want some conversation with those of the like minded!! Fucking freaks UNITE!!!

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