The King Of Nu Metal

Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 5:48 PM By: AZanoletti

Korn is truly the King of Nu Metal, their music is awesome, my favorite song is thoughtless, because I relate many things of my life with that song. I have never ever seen such an incredible music band like them, Yes 2 original members of the band are no longer present but Korn is still and will always be the king of nu metal, they simply are the best no matter what people who dislike them say, Hope they can become even more successful than they currently are, They are real musical talent, Like I mentioned before I have never ever seen a band play like them and how they have been able to stay together for 18 years playing that incredible music that many of us like or that many others hate, When I say they are the King Of Nu Metal it's not because they just are, They have influenced many other famous bands like Linkin Park or Evanescence.

Hope We can keep enjoying this incredible music by this amazing band who started playing their music with another name but then adopted this legendary and unique name.

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