"Korn III: Remember Who You Are" (2010) review

Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 2:15 AM By: DK devilplayground

Hey guys I'm back to review Korn's 9th album "Korn III: Remember Who You Are". Wow the band has come a long way haven't they!!!. I don't know if everybody liked my last review on "Untitled" (2007), but we're moving on. Eventually I will also review "The Path Of Totality", and "The Paradigm Shift" just be patient. I know you're all waiting in anticipation but I'll get to those albums don't worry. Ok like I said a million times already I'm not a hardcore critic, and these are my honest opinions of the songs on this album. Let's begin shall we.

1. UBER-TIME - Ok it's an intro I guess, I can't really give it a proper score. You can hardly hear a thing. I don't know what that's all about but it doesn't make it a good intro when you can't hear shit. I have my stereo player volume on full blast and I still could not figure how or hear what was going on barely.

2. OILDALE (LEAVE ME ALONE - I thought it was ok at first, but after listening to it a 2nd time it grew on me pretty quickly. 5/5

3. POP A PILL - This song is kinda weird, it's not bad but it's not amazing. 3/5

4. FEAR IS A PLACE TO LIVE - This song was ok. 3/5

5. MOVE ON - This felt like "old school" Korn, pretty cool. 4/5

6. LEAD THE PARADE - I didn't like this song at all. 2/5

7. LET THE GUILT GO - Hell Yeah!!!. 5/5

8. THE PAST - Boring, I didn't like it. 2/5

9. NEVER AROUND - Boring, I didn't like it. 2/5

10. ARE YOU READY TO LIVE? - It's ok, nothing more. 3/5

11. HOLDING ALL THESE LIES - I didn't like this one really. 2/5

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