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I believe in life, all life micro organism to human. All life is constantly adapting to the environment around them, everyday. Humans have been born into a less than ideal way of life and as such grow onto a less than ideal human. I asked the same question as many before me have"why?". The difference is I received. What I was given came from the life, all life and I created this post titled with the truth I received. Fire is the so called fruit of knowledge that Adam (myself in a past life) and Eve ate. We took fire into our lives against the will of all other life on earth and from that choice came the family tree of fire that we continue today toward the destruction mankind by fire. Sound familiar? I gave and give the truth I received to everyone with a similar manor the truth was given to me. Since then because of my whole heart belief in the truth all of my questions have been answered. I now know and believe far more than I thought existed and much more than mankind has ever been given. Imagine all of your questions answered. What would you ask?
Why don't I tell you the answers I have received? I have tried to give the answers I received to others and I have come to realize that the only way for anyone to grow in wisdom and maintain a healthy mind is to receive the answers to the individual persons questions and grow according to the individual. A likeness to children, a person is better to give a child what it needs rather than force feed them what may not be necessary to their individual development, the same way the life allows me to develop into a man. This also enables me to learn along with everyone else because your questions have and can be answered through me. I have been asking a lot of questions and have received answers to all, even when I didn't want the answer in the end. The question is why I look to music, if you listen to any singer they ask a lot of questions. Asking questions shows an aptitude for learning and believe me the learning never ends. The human mind is far more advanced than mankind realizes, I know because I used to be just like all of you and you are all far less than you were meant to be, no offence intended. Am I better than any of you? No. I just know far more and I was and I am able to admit that I don't know everything and need to receive more from a life older and wiser than myself. When I was younger in mind I was the same as most of you. I am here hoping that I can find those who might use me to achieve a higher understanding of everything around you. How will I know that whoever that may be should receive or is worthy? That's not a decision for me to make, they must choose for themselves. I can't give anything but the truth that fire in our lives is the cause of the disaster called mankind and baby food like this post. The means that I have to give can't be typed for all to see because each person has an individual path and there is far more than typed words or can give.
I would not come here saying I am if I couldn't prove it. If it were that easy for me to prove it than why do this? Because I don't want it, I have never wanted it. I don't even want to do this. I prefer a simple family life even with the daily suffering that comes with being a so called drone or slave, again no offence I'm living it too. Also what I have is a great gift, something that should be earned by over coming the hold that mankind's addiction to fire has on you all. Not for me, for yourself. I have nothing to gain or loss from your understanding or lack of understanding neither your belief in what I give. I have no need for acceptance or justification from anyone. I have already been punished for creating this mess in a past life that I remember well with the help of friends I had then. Friends that I miss dearly. I also have justification from a life far greater than any human alive today.
Now for some more basics. In order to overcome and receive more you need to see the past errors, accept them and see those past errors as such and move forward.
Is fire evil? No, it's not alive so it is not capable of thought of good or evil. But if I were to describe the behaviour patterns of fire, I would say it acts heartless and without reason. Fire consumes everything it can as fast as the surrounding environment and fuel will allow, self destructing and causing its own death time and time again. The short version is that fire lacks the ability to adapt and achieve harmony with it's environment, even to achieve it's own continued existence. Apparently humanity also lacks the same ability. We now adapt to this world, our world, distracted by all the BS that comes with being a person and now as a species we are now in a tailspin toward our own destruction while using fire as our primary tool to cause our own extinction.
Think for a minute what a human life would be without the use of fire. Living without fire would also exclude all technology and electricity, fire is technology the very basis for all technology. I've lived it for short time in this life and it was not suffering. Why would anyone want to live without fire anyway? I did it because I needed to prove to myself that as a human I could adapt to the environment the same way every other life form on the planet does (without the use and\or dependency of fire) and I wanted justification for my actions from the Father of all life. I found more than I expected and proved my thoughts reality within my experiences in the wilderness.
I still ask for nothing from anyone because I have no need for anything from anyone, I'm good to go. I have far less than most but I have no need for more, in fact some days I wish to have a life with less. Your lives are your own. I put this down with the hope that you might use it on your own path that you must choose yourself. Try too see for yourself that mankind has yet to provide the correct answers and that anyone that tries to condemn you for your choices in fact condemns themselves and is the true walking definition of a hypocrite.
There is nothing wrong with living your life the way you choose and rock stars prove that we are free to choose. Most heavy metal musicians also seek to draw in the so called scum of the earth so they might deliver them from destruction and here we are. Sounds like the path of a Saint to me. What have any of them done but give us all happiness anyway. Who is anyone to say that any one human is better or worse than themselves. Judging others and attempting to condemn them is a weak distraction from judging yourself and your own actions and your existence is not judged by the actions of others. Your actions toward any and all life is what can condemn you to destruction
I'm a poor long haired low life in most peoples eyes but I have tasted perfection and sin far less than most. Treat all life as you would want to be treated. Humans are ants in the eyes the life and the life allows us to live and learn even though we could be squished flat under foot at anytime.

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