A bit more about me...

Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 1:50 AM By: HereIm

Hello everyone!
My name is Lila. This is just my pen name. My parents told me that I was burn in ex-Germany city - Konigsberg in 1983 years. But all 28 years of my life I suspect that my home planet somewhere far away and that the spacecraft on which I flew crashed and can not be restored...) So I have to adapt to live here...:)

I Try to be happy in this crazy time...in this crazy world...I`m a model,animator,psychologist and a sleeper (the person who like to sleep a lot)
I`m non-punctual and that is why I never promise to be in time. Love make gifts more then take it, liie to make people happy. Try to keep promises. I have a good memory for numbers, I remember the date phone numbers and birthdays, which no longer need to know.So.. this unusefull memory for me...

I Can to be good friend for someone but have not a lot of friends bacause like to be alone with company of myself a lot of time.... I will write here about everything...just for unload my brain... but I will happy to know if this crazy nonsense will be intresting for somebody.
I`m sorry for my english. It not perfect. Thank every one who at least sometimes read me. I love you!!!


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