The Change In Leaving you and Becoming Myself

Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 11:51 AM By: darkangel33

I am not sure what to think when all you do is tell me that you need me but are so quick to leave me
Now,my pain has become my worst reality
Living Inside of the hand you dealt for me..
Im sorry that you want me to be something that I am not..I am only Human and thought you should know,that I have something called feelings..
Don't you care my whole life torn down...Left In despair..
Do you care..
I guess you really don't all because I refuse to be what you want me to be..
You could be so Evil and so mean
Tell me that you hate me even after all that I have done for you..
You fucking hurt me but you have no clue and I don't give a fuck..So,I wish you the best of luck..
My life was simply your game..You had me thinking that I was crazy..Driving myself Insaine everyday..With some sort of release to get through each day...
My world came crashing down..You were nowhere In sight You took my crown left me empty handed..And said look at me now..
I know that you realize what you have done If your love was a bullet then I handed you the gun..And you popped in the clip With all that shit you talk,You would think you aimed at My Lips..My Anger has Grown and It's taking over me..Numbers don't lie,and neither does the heart..I have to say I fee I feel much better now that we are apart..
The love I lost was cutt at the seams,al tese useless thoughts spinning now I don't know what it means
You will pay for the pain you put me through..Years of waiting How could you do..That to me..But I came to realize you care for none other but yourself,Despite your Fame Fortune and wealth I m gone now so dont count on it for long..If you want Ill sing you a song..And play it like you played me..I know now it was never meant to be~DarkAngel33

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