For all of you.

Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 9:17 AM By: Mitchie

I'm so grateful for all of the awesome, wonderful people I've met so far. I love the uniqueness of each member, all with the unity of all of the KoRn fans! Amongst us is so much talent as well. KoRn, you have an amazingly talented fan base! That's why in this blog today, I want to embrace the uniqueness and talent each and every one of us posses. I've made one friend, especially, who sounds ridiculously similar to JD! Oh, how I admire him. He has made it feel almost as though I have been able to meet Jonathan, himself (Almost!). I've met other artists and musicians, and I just want to congratulate all of you for your special uniqueness and abilities. You all inspire me for showing your talents and being yourself. KoRn fans have such beautiful souls. This was really just a short message to all of you; a thanks and an acknowledgement for truly different friends I have now made.

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    :) \m/

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