Four Days of Epicness!

Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 11:08 PM By: Bianca H.

Oh my fuckin god!!! These last four days have bein... just... WOW! AAAAHHHH!!! I loooove the X Games! Four days of them is just not enough haha... I am pretty fuckin mind blown!

And as some of yall may know Zac watches the X Games(Both Summer and Winter)... and... It was nice to have him reply to me on twitter talkin bout them.
Didnt really see him as the keyboardist for KoRn these 4 days... just some one who shares the same luv for action sports as me.
But then of course... u do realize that he's in a amazin band lol.

So cant wait till Summer X Games now(Only 150 more days!)... myb I'll b tweetin Zac again! xD

Finally and not least... Last nite I started thinkin on wat to do for a next tattoo. Since I dont have a KoRn tattoo yet, I decided lets design one... one that NO one has, or one that I HAVENT seen yet!
So i drew up a rough sketch of wat I wanted. After an hr or more of thinkin of ideas lol.
Btw... this is gonna b a half sleeve tattoo haha... cant wait till i talk to my tattoo artist bout it! haha.

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