Thanx KoRn!!!!

Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 5:37 AM By: victorvondoom

So, I've been a KoRn fan for close to 13 years now. Ever since I've bought my first KoRn album( Follow The Leader) I wanted to be in a band. I didn't care what instrument I had to play. All I knew is that I wanted to be a musician.After seeing them live I knew thats what I had to do with my life. And maybe play a show with KoRn one day if i was to be so lucky. I've been in a few bands since I began listen to KoRn. They were nu-metal rip offs at first. But, once I got older I found death metal and end up playing drums in a few death metal bands. Now, I'm In a progressive rock band.I just keep thinking that If I never saw the "Got The Life" Music video on TRL, I'd never be in a band or would have made the friends I have . My life would be totally different. So, I thought that I'd share the band I'm currently in . We have an odd name.There's no cool or interesting story behind it. But, Like David Silveria said" The Music makes the name". If you like us click the like button on the page.If not, it's cool.

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