My savior

Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 3:18 PM By: KoRn=PoRn

Cold dark deep line cross my heart as there is no one to thaw out my misery, I remain a subject to depression; no fallen angel to come and cheer me or wipe away my tears, whom is as lonely as I. The cold touch of our hands meeting and closing in on our agony so we won't feel as lonely as we did before... Pain in my eyes, what is this; tears? I cry out to that angel being neglected for so many years that it has fallen in the darkest corner of earth, too afriad to come out, because there would be no one just like the angel, the fallen angel that was torn down from the light to live in pain. I am just the same, brought down to meet thee, my dark savior, whom would take away my pain and I shall in reutrn, as love wiill never find me, and the fallen angel will have the icy wall until i find the angel and thaw out its shell, so I will have love in return, and my heart will be broken of the chains that make me lonely.

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