Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 3:19 PM By: JustA

Illuminati ? Our Idols are apart of the
Illuminati ? You know what I think.. The
Illuminati exists .. Not Listening to an
Artist or Genre just because people say
They are apart of the illuminati Is
Foolish. You dictate what influcences
you. You filter what you believe is evil.
It doesn't really matter what a person
religion. THING IS evil is all around
you.. EVERYDAY it occurs. So why do
you pick on artists. Hating an artist just
because He Or She Is rumored to
illuminati is quite unchristian. YOU
SHOULD be worried about the poverty
or crime in your area rather someone's
Work. Christians stop Bashing. If you
aren't a christian and think that
christians are on your side in the
illuminati issue, THINK AGAIn.
Christians Believe in The Trinity. NO
oTHER GODS are recoginised. So IN
other words. A hindu person Is the
Same as Illuminati member/Satanist. I
listen To Beautiful Genres But I follow
the bible. Don't mean I follow Satan or
anything.. I'm not in the illuminati

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