Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:29 PM By: FallingAwayFromMe

Look, I have been in agony for the past weeks. Don't know why, but it totaly have confused me in many ways. And my work... i can't even wake up in the morning to go too my work.
Like today.. i waked up, was in bed for like.. 1 hour, trying to push myself off the bed with some posetive attitude. But my whole body was like itchy and I really, really feelt the thing crawling inside me, You know.. the one that always says STOP to everything, not letting you do things. And i even don't want to sleep at night, cuz i know it's going to be morning, and the next day, and i don't want that... It's been a while sence i felt this way, and i thoght it was over, srsly.. But then for the last couple of weeks it has started again.. i freaking hate it. It destroys my life. The feeling, iam so used too it, i know exactly what it is, but still I don't. The thing that i do know about this, is that I can't do a shit, i don't want to do a shit?!. Why? Why are You eating me up from the inside? This is crap, this is bullshit. I just wanna scream so all in the faking world can hear me. And hear the pain in my scream. Fuck this..
I just wanna feel some kind of what you call "happiness", I know you are there, somewhere. I have felt you before, plz come back and destory this faking demon i have.


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