Aah, here we are!

Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 10:35 AM By: pinkwind

A few years ago, 3 some years, unbeknown to me i was played various odd CDs while i was in a strange place, comatose for 3 weeks. Killer kidney, or close but no cigar! Some of the music insinuated itself in my head and wouldn't leave, the only problem being i had no clue what some of it was, some was my own stuff, a strange collection from Jah Wobble on through trance and trippy stuff to NIN and Tool, Vaughn Williams to Copeland and Cage, and some weird and eclectic shit in between. Some stuff my partner brought to the hospital, some was provided by staff as well as friends of the other souls in the ICU.

Compis mentis once more i managed to fathom out what most of the sounds were, but not all, not the odd ones that had stuck fast in my head and wouldn't let go. It took me a couple of years and some curiosity to work out who it was, Korn to my surprise, back tracking from Path of Totality which i bought on a whim and liked enough to pick a couple of others. Low and behold, See You on the Other Side was the music that had haunted me since the near death experience!

That music wormed it's way into my unconsciousness, and whatever the effect it had on me at the time was i cannot relate, all i know is that, since finding it again, it has such a positive hold on me almost as if i were held by it, drawn to it, safe? It is hard to put into words what the feelings are when i listen to it, even to this day i can find myself feeling uplifted and really happy, or at other times crying for no apparent reason, nothing negative anyway.

The pity of at is i have come to a stage and state in my life where i know i will never be able to schlep over to see Korn, no matter if they come here to the UK, i was laid low with chronic arthritis before the coma and so many more problems have surfaced since that me and the power wheelchair are inseparable now, it takes planning and help to do much of anything outside the house. End of the pity party bit!

What i have is my music, and to be absolutely honest that will keep me happy and thriving long into my dotage, strange collection that it is, including some really old stuff. If someone could tell JD that if he doesn't already know "Feel like makin' love" was by Bad Company off the Strange Shooter LP! He was wondering about that song at one point i remember. Oh yes, i am that old, older even, an ancient hippy, all flame red and green hair and no shoes.

That's enough crap from me, i shall sit back for now with a coffee and something good to listen to, maybe watch some "live" stuff on youtube, just to remind myself what i am missing...no, no pity now, just glad to get to see and hear the band live. Always the best, after all.

Now i have no idea if anyone is going to bother reading this rambling thing, or even if it is appropriate content for a site like this, but all i know is that i have a huge place in my head and heart for Korn, all of them, and all they have played, and it takes all sorts to make a world, so hello, and bye bye for now!!!

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