Hello.Hope you are doing well today! I must admit,I came to this KORN party 'WAY' late.I became a KORN fan January of 2010.I was 47 years old.Just goes to show it's never to late and you're never too old to become a KORN fan. Of course most of you must realize I got my KORN nickname from 'Twisted Transistor'.There are many reasons I connect to this song.I want to stick to the lighter ,funnier side. You see when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's a lot of people thought 'Rock and Roll' was very evil. If I were caught listening to that 'hard rock' I would get in big trouble.So,I would wait for my big ass baby boomer family to all leave the house,and there I was tuning into the Rock station listening to my 'Twisted Transistor'.Wasn't I evil? So this was me always liking that evil music. So, 2010 rolls around and I find this most incredible band called 'KORN'.I start sharing this with my people.My people have not listened to KORN ,but they have heard how evil they are and how evil their music is.(Talk about laughing my ass off.)So here I am again,listening to my 'Twisted Transistor' I just 'can't get enough'..I am 'out of control'..I should be 'anesthetized '. As for me and what I see and believe, KORN lyrics are brilliant and speak the truth and it is accompanied buy kick ass rock music. If listening to KORN makes me evil,then I am very,very evil.In fact I must be 'devils little sister'.My saving grace is my 'Husband' understands me, and the'Music do,music do'. Love, Hugs,Kisses and Prayers, devils little sister

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