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    On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 8:01 PM, SeEd said:

    Hi whothennow, I saw your comment so now... Yep, I can understand that feel bro. That even if you are with good friends, close friends, living a life (that seems a lost reality) apprently good too, you don't feel right in the right place, always feeling different from the others, really strange that sensation...

    Like if no one understand, don't know how to describe it.. and sometimes, you feel that a person is feeling the same... It's not love or another thing like that, but you just know it, there is a few persons in my life with I had this feel... that's really strange, and when you can't met them, or have to stop to met them, that's really hard, caus' you feel alone, again, and again....

    Anyway, I wish you're doin' good man, that you're better these times, the times they are a changin' (like Bob Dylan well said it), and we have to keep hope, even if it's hard somedays... But, as you say, KoRn is here for that, and KoRnKids too, so it will be okay... I hope, really that those desilusions disapeared, one day... not sure, hm, but I wil "doin' that all is good" if no... wait and see (for now it's more bleed...) anyway, keep rockin' and hopin' man, the better is comin' !

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    On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:21 PM, whothennow said:

    True words man... I`m dealin` with a lot of shit, too. My f*cking dad is showing up again, telling lies bout me and the rest of my fam, I`m kinda seperated in the middle of nowhere, only getting through my day by listening to music and playin the guitar, and friends, yeah friends... diffcult theme, I know that you may not always have the same opinions and so on, but if noone fucking cares bout a word you`re sayin, you start thinking, you maybe don`t have real ones. School is also starting again (2 years to go)and I admit that I fear it... So that`s almost it and I hope that my honesty helped a bit to show that, as a Korn fan, we`re, at least, not alone...

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    On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 5:57 AM, SeEd said:

    Hi, and thanks for you post.
    I feel really bad for you and this thing you say to me, and I hope you're doin' well now, and taking cara of your two kids, it must be really hard for you... I can understand that, my father quase died 7 years ago, and it done me the "opportunity" to see that life is short, and we can't wait for doin' things, when we're children, we don't care about this, and that's why my pseudo is this one, caus Jon talks about his kid and about the fact he is jealous of him in a way.. I can understand that.. Those moments I'm not really good, that's a fact, and I'm doin' all I can to be better, but I still had two faces.. That's me, just this.. I'm not goin' to comit suicide or other but it always be like that during my life, always, I'm not schyzophrenic or other, but I don't know..

    So, thanks a lot for your post again, I know that perhaps you can hate me in a way caus' I don't really know what's the pain of loosing someone, but I hope that you're doin' well, and you're happy in your life, and I hope that your kids are right too, don't give up, that's what i'm saying to me those times.. And if u need to talk, don't hesitate ;)

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    On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 5:32 PM, faithann said:

    Sorry to hear i don't know you but i can tell you this my husband and father of my two kids commited suicide 3 years ago on the 6 th or Aug. but they did not find his body untill the 12 of aug. Anyway i don't know why i am telling you all this cause all i wanted to say is your life is worth living hang in there try to think happy thoughts