2 shows 2 days sydney 2014

Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 7:38 PM By: ~ HeMi ~

soundwave... the alarm clock was Amon Amarth and their big mthr fkn viking ship, mushroomhead was sic, testament, gwar the list goes on what a morning ... Time came for +++ crosses i made my way in early and headed straight to the front barricade, watched the guys setup and was bracing myself to blown away by Chino and the boys ... I could see Peter Katsis on side stage ... Chino appeared and apart from some sound issues did not disappoint, he busted out those vocals and was inspiring to see, then i noticed standing next to peter on side stage was Head watching the set (what a man to look at) i tried to keep my cool and ended up burying my head down and letting all my excitement out in a scream, i was so fucking excited but trying not to distract from +++ i believe Peter saw my reaction and found it quite amusing, i got lost in the last of the set and had 5 minutes to make it to the next stage where Korn was playing ... I ran ... The crowd was huge as i had to sacrifice a close spot to watch +++ so i made my way to side stage and BAM Korn started rocking the fuck out of the place, the boys were in fine form and i rocked my little heart out ... I have been a fan now for a long time and wished they would call my name out, invite me on stage, meet and greet, just acknowledge i exist, something anything nothing ... I was just so happy to be there and i didnt get crushed by thousands it did'nt matter anymore, what more can i say KORN! They finished and Rob Zombie was next so i went and cooled down under the fountain and claimed by great little spot side stage again, Rob Zombie what a cool mthr fkr there were big balloons bouncing around the crowd and the atmosphere was wicked, as John5 busted out a solo Rob Zombie just walked straight out side stage out into the crowd right where i was standing i touched him as he walked past ... I was awesome ...
Luna Park ... So i sussed out the venue in the morning, saw a heap of guys setting up and as i was walking out this really cool chick asked if she could help, then quickly directed us to the door we were not supposed to walk through (gathered that) but she was cool ... I got my neidermyer shirt when i was 15 and wore it to my first korn concert back in 1997 Melbourne Festival hall so thought what better shirt to wear got organised and trained my way to the night of the living dreads...the platform was a sea of freaks it was awesome...Made my way to Luna park after stopping for some chewy when something happened, something i will never forget, something that gives me goose bumps as i write this ... the chances of walking into the venue the same time as Ray Luzier one in a million ... There he was ... i said "hey Ray" from then on i am not sure if anything i said made sense but he was such a humble, charming, awesome guy and i even got a photo with him ... fucking unbelievable i know what more can i say ... this was followed by a wicked setlist and Korn rocking the fuck out of the place even more than soundwave as JD said soundwave was good but this is where the real fans were ... fucking awesome ...

wicked shop in sydney Utopia House of Metal i bought Life is Peachy on vinyl ...


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    On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 2:48 PM, jayjay said:

    Been reading a lot about KORN'S tour down under, & they kicked ass!! Wish I was down there.=D

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    On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 6:46 AM, Tammie said:

    Awesome!!!! Glad you a great time!

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