Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:14 AM By: CHI420

So I just woke up full of energy. got home from rockfest a few hours ago. Since I really only cared to see KoRn outta the whole line up, drank in the parkinglot for most everyband. Queensryche was personally a let down (seen em open for Priest once, way better). Five Finger Death Punch was next, really dont care for their music just crowed down front for KoRn who was next. while FFDP was still gettin off stage some roadie walks accross the stage and throw a hand full of guitar picks. I find a couple on the ground, pick em up totally expecting FFDP picks. I dust them off... it's totally two old music as a weapon tour KoRn picks. That pretty much made my night. Because Ive got a guitar pick from every KoRn show ive been too. Fuck Yes!

Heres the setlist as best as I could remember

Here to Stay
Pop a Pill
Freak on a Leash
Shoots and Ladders/One
Got the Life
Falling Away From Me
medley:Coming Undone/we will rock you/Twisted Transistor/Make Me Bad/Thoughtless/Did my Time/Clown/Yall Wanna Single

Kinda disapionted in such a condenced set but they only got barely an hour to play. and Id never seen them really play 4U, just start ballroom blitz with it, that was pretty epic. So thanks KoRn for playing that shitty dust bowl hillsbro. And double thanks to that roadie for makin my night. well and some dude giving out free ice cream after the show! :)

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