Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 6:40 PM By: Merkel

Id really REALLY appreciate it if everyone who has been a drummer for this group would get along. They both have amazing talents and unique grooves so why cant we just conclude they both rock? Ray is there now and he has more than earned his spot not only being in the band, but great friends with them as well. Ray gives KoRn the original sound, style and groove just as well as anyone else would. Im not choosing sides here, but im just trying to point out this is what KoRn is. David is also fantastic and a genius music composer, nobody can deny that. But Ray is the new groove master for this group. I think its time for us all to realize this is what KoRn is. As Head said, its new and refreshing. I love both generations, and everything they have brought to us fans. Its outstanding. This is what it is and will be for quite a while my friends. i respect all viewpoints on this matter.

I hope some take this into consideration.
Thank you all.

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