I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and then my family moved to Harlem. Growing up and going to school in Brooklyn was pretty tough, I had a hard time fitting in, first because I was a pretty big kid, I was always the biggest one in the class, and just dealing with other rough neck kids. Also when I was really young my dad had died from ammonia caused by HIV, He got it from getting high and having unsafe sex So just dealing with that was tough and it just caused me to just withdraw from social atmospheres. At the same time me and my family are going to church, my mom played the drums along side her mother (My Grandmother) on the organ, and as years went by after the church service was over I would just sit behind the drums and play around with them, not really serious about it but my mom and granny notice I could keep a standard beat. After a while my mother turned the drums over to me and I played the drums at church along side my grandmother on the organ. So then growing up Street Fighter was a really popular video game and I found out Street Fighter 2 The animated movie was coming on cable so i decided to record it on VHS. So watching Street Fighter I noticed at the end of the movie a rock song would come on and it started..."ARE YOU READY"... but who really watches the credits after a movie (lol).....but after watching that movie so much I started to hear that song more and more and I just started to really like the song. So i'm really liking this song so I tell my cousin about it and she told me about another rock song she hears on TV. she let me see the songs music video it was Korns Freak On A Leash, it was really cool...So i let her hear the song at the end of the street fighter movie she really liked it...so after some time goes by we discovered the band was Korn and the name of he song on street fighter was...Blind...it was really cool.......So after we discovered that that's when I just started to really get into rock music and just metal and really started to get into my drumming more and more. At the same time i'm going to school kids are finding out i'm listening to heavy metal and everything that's when they started to really picking on me. Calling me a white boy, a pussy and whatever else and i was crazy, but I ignored it, it was really hard they weren't just ordinary bullies these were gang members some of the time. I continued playing the drums at my church and pretty soon my brother started taking bass guitar lessons and then he started playing at church with me and our grandmother, it was pretty tough for my brother also because he was going to school with a learning disability so I could imagine it was even tougher for him...after awhile when my family moved to Harlem I had my own drum set and my brother had his own guitars and we would just jam in our basement then we met a guitar player he found a ad I must of put up about looking for a guitar player to start a band around our age, So we met this white russian kid from Brooklyn and he was good and we clicked and we just jammed out tracks. So Korn has definately influenced me in my life and Korn until this day I can say they are my favorite band. I love music from all types from rap, hip hop to dubstep....i'm always looking for music I can listen to improve my drumming. Even today it can hard sometimes being black and liking the music I like and having the talent I have people look at you weird...I seen Korn live at the Roseland ballroom twice already and even there you just get cold stares from people so it can be tough but I don't care i'm there to have a good time anyway.(lol) So now until this day we just get together and just jam out tracks. And i'm just waiting for the next release from Korn.

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