Dear Johnathan Davis

Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM By: somebody82

Back when I was a shit stain walkin down the side walk, I started listening to your music, it really spoke to me. I grew up w/ an abusive stepfather, he beat my ass to a pulp every fuckin day! So your music really helped me when I was young, you guys were my idol.
What the fuck happened to you!? You started out a garage band, who was almost as poor as I am! You were lifted to stardom on the backs of your fans, we worshiped you man! We put you there man, and now u tell us we bitch too much!
We're starving, we don't have a pot to shit in, and your telling us to shut the fuck up to have fun!!! YOU DUMB FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!! WERE YOU FUCKING DRUNK!? FUCK YOU JOHN! GO FUCK YOURSELF W/ YOUR FUCKING MIKE STAND. You were just as poor as me, and now we bitch too much! How about you give me all your fucking cash and lets switch positions, take you back to your fucking roots. You can bitch about being sick w/ no healthcare, no fucking food, and no fucking money, and then maybe, you can tell me to stop bitching, K! So fuck you johnathan davis for showing just how out of touch you really fucking are! Thanx for being an asshole bitch!!!!!

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  1. Dear Johnathan Davis

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