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Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 5:25 PM By: MelaniMoonX

One of the hardest concepts in school for me to understand was how exactly you traverse great distances between classes with only five minutes. For example, my schools didn't want you using your locker mid-day nor wanted you with a backpack. Not that I cared. What did I do to avoid administrators? Ninja shadow walking. I'm jogging, sliding, zipping, dashing to class. See the bullies? Metal Gear Solid BOX.

Get to locker.I know my combination so well, I could do it BLINDFOLDED. In and out 10 seconds flat. No distractions. Headphones ON.

Of course, there's plenty of bull. Friends of 3 to 4 to 18 walking side by side. Or couples walking, holding hands all wide. Make a detour. Take the long round. Outside and AROUND. No obstacles blocking you. Just don't get caught. "Good morning, sir!"

And make sure you have friends. My boy Zackary was burlesque. I see him, I'll walk behind him. He'll form a hallway just for you. Break off at the turn and mad-dash, doing hops around to dodge people. Administrators or bullies catch you? Full on Michael Prince Jackson. *Smooth criminal anti gravity lean past a bully. Moonwalk a little. Spin around and point while dodging a bully, sending him crashing into an administrator* And after all that, voila~! Classroom. Right there. *Walks towards door. Late bell rings. Door slams shut in face*

The end.

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    LMAO! I haven't thought of the headache of trying to get from class to class in....well, a very long time. Funny stuff.

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