1. Xusi avatar

    On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Xusi said:

    It's happening the world over .. it's dire here in the UK & Ireland too.
    Folks just simply can't afford to live! Struggle.. struggle .. strife.
    But then I guess we don't have to worry about it all too much cos apparently the world's gonna end 21/12/2012 ;D

    Wish you well Bro (X)

  2. pfloydmaster avatar

    On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 6:24 PM, pfloydmaster said:

    I'm with ya Ray! I always tell people it doesn't matter what job position you start at...just get your foot in the door...you can advance from there. And if not, at least you are working. Thanks for the "thoughts".