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Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 8:15 AM By: Fairynuff1979

I wear you ring; you own me
My heart, my soul, console me.
Lost without you, numb inside
Why the hell am I trying to hide?
People pass by me their faces a blur
Can’t get over the thought of you
Why won’t you leave my memories
Why wont you leave my heart
Can’t get you out of my soul
Can’t seem to make a start
I’ve tried to move on, dating stupid men
None of them mean f*cking anything.
They’re not you, never can be
Blackness holds, here comes insanity.
You’re under my skin, can feel you inside.
Memories excite me, can’t think of you anymore.
You possess my soul, my thoughts, totally.
How is it possible you can know me.
You’re my dream lover. I wake up gasping for breath.
One day you’ll choke the life right out of me.
The touch of your finger makes me tremble.
Feel you on top of me, I don’t want to wake up yet.
The morning comes I am cold and alone.
Your not here anymore.

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