Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 5:18 AM By: bayley

This is a poem that i wrote for my american literature class... It combines The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls and The Raven.

The Traveler and the Raven

Every day, the traveler walks the same path
Today, he decided it was his last
He left his house
And he walked to the shore
He wanted to do this
And nothing more

For the first time, the traveler hears a call
For the last time, will he hear her at all
He thinks to himself
And he looks for the sound
But what he finds
Is the only thing around

Flying alone was a silky black raven
Looking around for its own safe-haven
It swoops to the ground
And lands on the sand
Now in front of the traveler
Is where it did stand

Walking along and admiring the bird
The traveler suddenly found what he had heard
He said, “Well, hello.”
And he said nothing more
But the raven in reply
Softly said, “Nevermore.”

“What’s nevermore?” he said with slight fear
“I have nothing left. I lost my sweet dear,
Or will she come back?”
And he asked nothing more
But the raven in reply
Only said, “Nevermore.”

“Why won’t she come back? Does death have no cure?
Will I keep on suffering? I feel so obscure!”
He kept on walking
And almost went in uproar
When the raven in reply
Simply said, “Nevermore.”

With a tear and a sigh they both walked in silence
Leaving two paths of footprints off in the distance
The traveler thought to himself,
“What may it be here for?
If I can suddenly speak now,
Why couldn’t I before?”

Exhausted and weary, the traveler said with a sigh,
“I am tired and going home. I guess this is my last good-bye?”
He waited for a response
From the raven once more
And the raven in reply
Just said, “Nevermore.”

Not once did the traveler return to the shore,
And the tide came along to erase once more.
The raven found a place
That it could call home,
And still on the beach
Is where it still roams.

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    On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 7:26 PM, KORNKIDNH said:

    Wow. That needs to be published. Outstanding work.

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