'The Paradigm Shift' Best Buy offer

Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 1:10 PM by User 3 Comments

Purchase the standard, deluxe or Best Buy Exclusive Edition of 'The Paradigm Shift'  at a Best Buy store with this coupon or at with the promotional code KORNSAVE2 and get $2 off!

The 'Paradigm Shift' Best Buy exclusive edition includes the album, the 'Reconciliation' documentary DVD and one of two in-box t-shirts.

Best Buy Exclusive (Exclusive New Design)

Best Buy Exclusive (Exclusive Classic Design)

  1. Jonathan Cach avatar

    On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 10:19 PM, Jonathan Cach said:

    I ordered my shirt from the deluxe edition 2 weeks ago and its still not here :(

  2. JPrice191 avatar

    On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 10:52 PM, JPrice191 said:

    iam going to Best Buy first thing in the Morning to pick up My Copy.. i cannot wait.. been a Korn Kid since 96' and still going Strong!! i LOVEEE Korn and their New Dubstep Sound!!! it just Sounds Soo Damn Good lol

  3. tristan0911 avatar

    On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 8:46 PM, tristan0911 said:

    WILL DO, have to say this is the most heavy album in quite some time, keep kicking ass koRn

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