2011/08/26 - Post Falls, ID

Photo Credit: Sébastien Paquet

Photo Credit: Sébastien Paquet

  1. Stephanie :)- some crazy avatar

    On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Stephanie :)- some crazy said:

    wow! thankyou sebastien!! my best korn memory to date! i was stoked to see my picture on here & even more stoked to see it used as the post falls show cover! you are so awesome!! thankyou so much :p
    wow again! incredible show! the energy on stage was epic! you all were having so much fun! but guess what i was having more fun in the crowd hahaha
    J.D. your crazy man! i cant believe you spent your day in north idaho inside a shopping mall!!! its the outdoors here that are cool :)
    Munky that was badass & so epic! thankyou !! haha

    i love the energy this music adds to a crowd- no other group can match the excitement!- i'll be seeing you again in Vegas :) hopefully this time i dont get kicked out haha

    most importantly thankyou guys for doing what you do, no one can do it better - well maybe rob zombie lol jk not even ozzy can compare! a korn concert is a korn concert & only korn can have one! fucking thankyou!!!

    p.s. before every show someone REally should tell the crowd to keep it friendly & pick ppl up- the radio guys here didnt & it got a little crazy & dangerous... my 10th show, my 1st time seeing somebody get stomped on

  2. Rockwood avatar

    On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 11:46 PM, Rockwood said:

    That's ""Stephanie"" Sporting the KORNHawk!

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