Hallo! aus Deutschland ! (Hello from Germany)

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 2:29 PM

Hello !
I can't find a right section where I can introduce me instead of here.

So, Hello again, I'm Helge from Germany and i thougt it would be interesting to be....with you ?...here ?...is that right ? i think it is :) (sorry for my bad english.....like already said..I'm german) I'm 15 years old and i am the sound engineer at my school.
I'm a fan of old tractors and stuff like that and i have my own one too...which can be seen as my avatar. It's an 1950er ''Deutz F1L514/50''.

It's quiet a funny story how I get to KoRn and finaly to this Page.
I don't here KoRn for a long time....maybe for only a year or something like that, but I like the music quiet a lot...i never thougt I would ever be fan of this kind of music.
Formerly I hered musicians like Frank Sinatra and others.

But than.....there was that girl...let's call her ''Paulina'' and I fell in love terribly. (Eigentlich bin ich ja alleine viel besser dran XD)However..she was a fan of KoRn and at this time I don't like Metal.
During a presentation in school, she played the song ''Trash''.
I thougt ''well, ok, that was quiet good music.''
1 month ago....well I was interested to that music which the ''Paulina'' heard, so I bought the album ''Issues'' and the song ''Make me bad'' blow me away !

Since that time I'm a great KoRn fan and I have all albums...of course ''The Paradigm Shift''
At least the music of KoRn (and ''Paulina'' ;D) persuaded me to learn Guitar...and in Sommer i going to buy me my own Ibanez 7-string.

Well I think I have to thank the girl for advising me to the band which make the music which really maches to me.

So, that was a very touching story...I know B)
I hope you enjoy my presence and once more sorry for my english.
Wenn ihr wollt, kann ich ja mit euch Deutsch reden.....wie währe das ? ;D

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  1. Re: Hallo! aus Deutschland ! (Hello from Germany)

    Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 12:17 AM

    öhm, mich gibt's auch noch *aus ner dunklen ecke winkt* XD