Double Plat V.I.P. Question

Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 3:31 AM

Ok so I've got the double plat VIP game session with JD which is going to be amazing or so I'm hoping. Whats got me worried is the more I check out ticket sales for Double VIP, I'm find many many concerts that rarely ever sell more then 1. Is there a reason aside from price, which I know is a bit high at 350 (not including ticket and trasportation / lodging if needed).

Is there a limit to regular 150$ meet and greet tickets sold? I know quite a few amount of people going to the same concert and not a single person knows any other people who has bought the DPVIP or just the VIP.

Its not everyday you get a chance to have 1 on 1 time with band members even if its only for a short time. You would think a band as big as KoRn would sell out of those tickets almost immediately. Within about 10mins of them uploading the tickets I had mine assuming they would sell out almost instantly. Yet not a single ticket has been sold according to the site but mine?

I'm already going to be star struck when the time comes, and now I've got this lingering feeling maybe there is a reason people aren't buying them that I missed?

I just have this feeling I'm going to be the only person who shows up to this meet and greet and it will be awkward or something.

I have one last bonus question...

Since this concert is a double headliner (Rob Zombie and KoRn) both of which have 150$ meet and greet pre-tickets ... does this mean both meet and greets will take place at the same time together, or are they done in different areas from each other?

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    Re: Double Plat V.I.P. Question

    Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 5:25 AM

    Yes, they have limits to the $149 VIP passes. They only do 1 of each for the DP VIPs except for the listening session which is 4. Time is all it boils down to. They just don't have the amount of time to do more than 1 session for each of the DP VIP sessions. You'll have a great time...don't worry about anything, it'll all be good!

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