Korn to "R.O.K." Korea

Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 1:15 PM

It's about 5am in Korea...I'm guessing Korn is there, resting up for an awesome show. This will be their 3rd time there, first time with Ray and Wes.

I spent my high school years there, and the best performer that came to Korea while I was there was Cyndi Lauper and that was in '89. Back then Korea didn't get many if ANY rock shows, everybody went to Japan instead. Probably why I became such a concert junkie when I moved back to the states! So even though I'm not there now, I'm happy that they are. Hope they get some awesome Korean food and have a kick ass show. If any of you will be there I sure as hell wanna hear about it! Anybody going?

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