Your First Korn Concert Experience!

Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 10:13 AM

My first Korn concert should have been during their Life is Peachy tour but Munky had gotten sick so they cancelled. I got my chance (thanks to my cousin Zinnia) to see them a year later in Houston during their Follow the Leader tour. It was an amazing show! Hed-Pe and Orgy were the opening bands. Jay and Paige autographed my red Korn t-shirt which years later my now ex-wife accidently sent to the Salvation Army ***mental picture of a somalian kid wearing it***. They played a good setlist such as Kill You, My Gift to You, Dead Bodies Everywhere, and the regular touring tracks they play. I remember first getting there I was getting my floor bracelet and when walking towards the floor entrance some pothead approached me asking if I wanna sell my ticket? Even after being marked and scanned! Go figure I guess...I said no and he just stood there looking into oblivion. Overall the concert experience is one I still haven't forgotten and will never! For that whole year I was the most hated person in my small town because I had gone to the concert. Would have been better to receive a leaving or welcome back party like Longfellow Deeds but not in my small U.S./Mexican Border town. Its not really difficult to sort out those who know English or Spanish here. The English Kids would ask "Hey how was the Korn Concert?" while the Hispanic kids would ask, "how wass el concerto de Elote (spanish for Corn)?" LOL :D. Awwwww....a good times they were! :D Do you remember your first time? :D
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