fucken STRAYA, kunts! (come to australia please, 2013)

Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 11:15 AM

saw you guys back in 08 when i was 15, then when you's came back around in '10 your show was 18+ so i missed it. i'd fucking kill to see you guys live. you'd be able to spot me pretty easy as my pupils will be bigger than my eyes. they'd be leaking down my face.

i'm now 19 and want to get a massive korn tattoo on my back. just don't have the money yet coz shit went down that fucked me over.

first time posting on this forum but man if i had of met jd as a kid i'd have shat my pants and passed the fuck out. you guys are still my fucking idols, no joke. bought your new album the day it came out. just like every album you've released since i first heard you in 04.

wish i was born 10 years earlier so i could have followed you from the start.


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