korn tour Australia??!?!

Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 7:28 AM

its been a long time since the album has come out and Ive noticed korn have not announced that they will tour Australia??

Ive been to their last couple of shows in sydney, and have noticed they keep getting smaller and smaller...not sure if its done on purpose or if fans in oz are becoming less interested...but im sure that if they had an awesome lineup heaps of people will go and maybe get reminded of how awesome they really are..
i donno..i just sometimes feel that korn dont like the attention anymore...i miss theyre huge shows...even though the smaller ones are just as great...id like a lot of people to see what theyve been missing out on as I think they are the best live performers in the metal industry.. along with slipknot...just my opinion...
so if anyone knows or if KORN if you see this!!!
please come to australia...a lot of us miss you here!! :)

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