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Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Is Korn having a fan mail adress? I would like to send them a letter but I don't know the right adress!

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    Re: Fan mail adress

    Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    New fan mail address for Korn, JDevil, Killbot, Fear and the Nervous System, STILLWELL (Just replace Korn with the band name you are sending the mail to):

    Korn / Prospect Park Management
    1840 Century Park East, 18th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067


  2. Re: Fan mail adress

    Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you 1000 times!!!
    My letter is ready to send, I just hope they will give me a response :)


    a Belgian fan


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    Re: Fan mail adress

    Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    Good luck Stijn!

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    Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 6:49 AM

    awesome thanks josie i remember reading how back in the day ppl would send jd letters and how korn included the fan mail address in FTL and LiP and I had started to think they weren't accepting letters anymore :( They really should make the address more public.
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  5. Re: Fan mail adress

    Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Josie, you rock, thank you!

  6. RE: Fan mail adress

    Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 8:29 PM

    Man I wish they had an E-mail address. It has to be

  7. Hello All,Please help me.

    Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 7:43 AM

    Hello all.
    I want know how can i send email for Korn? is it possible?
    I want speak with his about a song but i can't find his email address,can you help me?

    If possible Please guide me.


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    Re: Hello All,Please help me.

    Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 12:25 PM

    They don't have an email address for use but they do have a fan mail address you can send a letter to!

    Korn / Prospect Park Management
    2049 Century Park East, Suite 2550
    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Good luck!
    Administrator/Co-founder of

  9. Re: Fan mail adress

    Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Hi JD, it's me again, Svein from Krd. This is my gift to You, i wish to make that album Freedom with this set of songs:


    And again I am all alone I'm crying in front of you
    Piece of crap that's what I am having noone
    Sometimes You are with me
    I like you
    What a fuck have you done?
    Belive in me you some kind of girl?
    What a fuck?
    You threw me away from you
    You hated me! Why?

    Why you! No life! I am losing! You! Help me! To do! What i have to do!!

    I will be a good-bad boy (if you like it)
    To good to be bad in front of you (sick like you)
    Don't fuck with me you fool
    I was looking for you all the time but noone I found
    Where are you hidding I am feeling so cold
    I am puking all my pain out like a piece of crap no hope!
    Give me some sign 'cuz you are the one
    I am gonna kill someone or myself that's all the same

    So what i am young stupid or what shit?
    You are so sweet.
    I am crying like a loser.
    Piece of crap that's what I am having no one
    Sickness is comming comming to destroy me!

    #Why? You! No! Life! I am losing! You! Help me! To do! What I have to do!
    # 2x


    Felling like a trash, so goodbye you are not mine
    I am just a crap, nothing to say. Am i going blind?
    #You are the one but I am noone# 2x
    Sick is this world but your are not my girl!
    Noone can help my soul, i am going to hell!
    All alone sickness is coming
    Coming for me to destroy me…


    The clock is ticking tick tick ticking
    Why I have to be such a chicken
    Life is kickin fucking kickin (me)…
    Right in my face I cant get away!
    Today to say to fuck to lay o hey:
    I don't need my life any more!!!

    I know that I don't know anything
    Because my life is making me fucking
    And I am reprochable
    Why everybody tease me
    They made me reprobate that's why God have left me.
    I am all alone my friend is my shadow
    All alone felling so hollow.

    The time is passing having no damn way
    Allways shit's I'm eathing there is nothing to say.
    My strainght is falling down so deep so deep
    Who fuck the gods when i am creep fuckin creep
    So… shit!


    Today to say to fuck to lay o hey
    I am gray for pray no chance for me this day….



    This day is dark and I am felling like a piece of garbage
    On the street there's no people only lost souls.
    Oh I wish that's someone to is with me looking for the whores
    But i'am to young lost teenage elder who want some fun
    Looking like a clown I'm taking my gun!

    Who wanna play russian rullet with me?
    Come on it's gonna be fun (oh yeah)
    In stead one bullet I am putting six (oh shit)
    Who's ready to die weapon can fix it!

    It's not big deal everybody dies.
    But we're going to hell, white agel cries
    Hell is good like a masquerade if you like it
    And if you don't just fuckin fuck it

    Every single day is same for me (no fun)
    Looking like a clown I'm taking my gun
    And soon i will be done.

    Looking like a clown I'm taking my gun
    Forgetting fun and last time looking at sun.
    You was my only son but now you have gone.
    #I am done man I am done!# 8x

    Seriously I'm done …

    4. JENNA

    Welcome to this beutiful place called Earth
    No differences beetween us this is the best place.
    Only if you chose the other side don't be stupid!
    You must learn a lot! Give this shit to me!

    (I am so scared help me they will hurt me who are those… ughh)

    #Run, run to your cower run
    Where is my mother? Run# 3x

    What is wrong with you Don't you like this place
    Don't be so shy come on you must do what i say Ok?
    (No! You are bad, I wanna be good child not like you!)
    Oh I will give you everything you want just ask!
    (No! I dont want to live in this unfair world, they all are torturing me)


    Torturing your small beautiful body , that's what is good
    Teasing you, you're funny man
    You are our God!
    We mad your palace
    Giving you all
    Victoms of everything
    (The whole world is Yours, You are the king they telled me)


    So what a fuck you are
    Not good enough (Let me go)
    You will be a sacrafice to God & Satan (Where am I?)
    #/Meaningless i becoming so meaningless# 2x
    You must learn a lot – (so give it to me one piece of glory)


    Welcome home boy where have you been
    I am saying nothing i can't find what is good and
    Come and play with me You are so sweet i'll give you a lot (I an so scared help me they will hurt me who ared those ugh… OK mom's here na na na na


    Flying over radar
    Pretending to be snake
    Feeding the creatures
    He's a bear
    Water curing
    Having my own way
    Nothing is unstopable
    Even shit is prey

    Riding of the waves
    Feeding the creatures
    Pretending to be fair
    It's not your chase
    Maybe god's are angry
    Because your wave is low
    If you don't want me you
    If you don't want me you
    If you don't want me you
    If you don't want me you
    Just let me play
    Give me my lesson
    And go away

    If you dont want me you


    She's taking care properly
    She's doing all good for me
    In this world nothing is properly
    Everything 's fucked up, please trust me!

    I saw you dancing with the flamengos
    You saw me dead by your door
    Nobody try to forget this
    Except mother & father they watching

    I saw you screaming in the dark wood
    I saw bannanas in the whiskey
    You didn't notice the fear in his eyes
    You didn't belive that he's the one

    She's drinking slowly
    I'm dying for sobriety
    When everybody's face
    Isn't so good at all
    Just remember our kids

    Kid's will always follow right
    So as you are
    Joan Joan
    We puke on your grawe
    Believe in me you're great girl


    All my lies around your bench
    Wisdom call and in my trench
    Call me fake call me sick
    Always I love you stupid geek

    Because all my life is gone
    All the lies remain silent
    Believe in Jesus, What? I cant deicide?
    Somehow no to drugs
    My brain didn't feel the destruction
    From the outside

    Make me to draw some gybrish
    Make me to feel saint
    Why did you die?
    Why did you left me alone inside.

    All my lies around your head
    Trying to feel the need of other people
    They don't give a shit for your oppinions
    Give it to me give this to herself

    You are strong
    You don't belong
    Fuck your cats
    Fuck your imaginations
    And what is left is nothing
    What is left – nothing
    What is left – nothing
    What you want


    Stealing of the fagetary
    Stealing of your girly me
    Stealing of Jackie's brother Lee
    Smashing in to pieces
    Let me be real me

    Stealing of the fagetary
    Let's all be vegetary
    Let's fly on the carpet
    Let's enjoy in this beautiful country

    Smashing through the window
    Stealing the TV
    Feeding the enemy
    Let me be real me

    'cuz of stealing of the fagetary
    Spit on some spaghetery

    Leading to the end
    Controling my mind
    I am good man
    You are my son.

    Thank you Lord!

    9. NICK-NECK

    Jogurt – milk
    Jogurt – Milk
    Jogurt – milk
    Nick – Neck
    Chick – check

    Esenc – esenc
    Shirche – Shirche
    Benzin – Benzin
    Dizel – Dizel
    Coffe and Tea
    Fuck the white sea
    Bring it to me
    Resist to be free
    Give that all to me

    Roses – White
    Roses – Blue
    Roses – Red

    We all love you!


    Stickers on your jacket
    Feeding crazy man
    Controling the destiny
    Do it if you can

    Your horses are so wild
    My queen is hungry for power
    This elephant knows the good
    You are my sick flower

    Something must be done
    To enough this game
    It's outless situation
    My feelings will be gone

    Your king is smiling
    My tower is free
    Let me be wilder
    I'll let you be me

    Strangers on the otherside
    You can chose the right
    I'll help you'll be better
    Nothing you can say

    Falling through the cubes
    Destroying your triangles
    Belive in one change
    My god is not right

    Help me not to harm anybody
    Help me not to harm me

    11. 3,14

    So cold so ready
    Let's be steady
    To feel this already
    Pulled me in
    Like a severedy

    Inside your home
    Inside your dream
    You strong man
    But my head is in the sand

    To be like MC'Pack
    Eat your church
    Pray your life allaround
    Your spine will crack
    Like a planck

    Inside your tent
    Inside your truck
    Feel my luck
    Love my father
    Love him a lot

    But it's only 3,14
    Only 3,14
    Only 3,14
    Only fuckin 3,14


    Following you
    Like leading too
    Painless become
    Nothing to gain
    So soil splain sick
    Oil bitch
    You cover me too!!

    You can't fuck with me
    I am everything
    You ever want to be a fuckin man

    All my love is gone
    So done
    My eyes are crying
    My soul is chrashing
    You killing me with
    Your hate
    No way for me
    I am done

    This feelings are so fuckin bad
    And very sick
    I love one girl she is 19
    But she kissed me in my cheak
    I was happy but now
    She's gone

    You God!
    You have take her away!?
    From me!!
    You see!!
    Fuck you!!
    Give me!!
    Steal my life!!
    You suck!!!


    Let's go again!

    Player from the bench
    Taking the wrench
    Kicking the keeper
    And running to the trench

    Chicks love you're
    Player from the bench
    Player from the bench

    Taking the lunch
    Kicking the lucky punch
    So alone in the trench
    No one to be inside

    Chicks love you're
    Player from the bench
    Player from the bench

    Sometimes you gonna play
    Sometimes you'll score
    Beware of satan's hose
    Before you get in
    Blow your freakin' nose

    Now it's time to get in!


    So this time I'm happy
    Like never before
    You did not hurt me this time
    That is allright

    Even everything is fine
    You are not mine

    Get ready...

    Long lungs liver
    Long lungs liver
    You must deliver
    The pot to my head
    Which makes me mad

    Please don't be sad

    Something is trully good
    Even you're in my food
    Pain has been stopped
    And so as corrupted
    Join us to pray
    To let the spirits go away


    Long lungs liver
    Long John Silver

    Long lungs liver
    Long John Silver

    We manage to survive
    On this terrible place
    Alone and desprate
    We're ready for the race


    Long lungs liver
    Makes me shiver
    Don't bring me fever
    You must deliver

    The pot the pot the pot the pot...


    Who YOU're up there on the Heaven
    Holy is your name
    Come to your kingdom
    To be Your will
    Our bread everyday give to us
    And release our sins
    And we also release to our duzhnicima
    Don't get us in the napast.
    Save us from the Evil.

    Holy Mary
    Mother of God
    Pray sinners for us
    Blessed your son
    To be great
    And the rest of the pray
    Without ICE.

    In the name of
    And Holy Spirit

    Let's all go in peace!

    I'll be happy if You can do it. If You can't just let me know.
    this is my e-mail:

  10. Re: Fan mail adress

    Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    Is it a deal? I'm so alone now and i wanna go on next year FV tour with my band Krd

  11. Re: Fan mail adress

    Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 1:45 AM

    Josie wrote:
    New fan mail address for Korn, JDevil, Killbot, Fear and the Nervous System, STILLWELL (Just replace Korn with the band name you are sending the mail to):

    Korn / Prospect Park Management
    1840 Century Park East, 18th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067


    Great! Is this address still valid?

    I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. In case it want something back, an autograph or something like that, anyone knows how I do that? Guess I'll send an envelope and some kind of postage with the letter? Anyone have any experience on this?


  12. Re: Fan mail adress

    Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 4:43 AM

    Hi I dont now were I must to ride to Jonathan Davis. We are young family and my husband and me loves youre band very much. He have birthday aftter some weeks and I wont to do something special for him. I wont to ask you for some little think. Can you do some short video for him only to tell his heppy birthday pls. He will be very happy! My email is - to send mi a video. Again thank you a lot! Anna Gorova