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Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:02 PM

To whom it may concern:
I've been banned from Korn.com's chat, for no apparent reason. I got on for 5 seconds, earlier today and left, without saying a word. I did notice the moderator star next to the user name ISSUES, whom claims to be 12 years of age. I tried to log back on about an hour ago and immediately got a pop up that stated I was banned. Could someone please get a little more control over whom is in charge of things around here? Especially by someone under the age of 18, which is questionable in the fact that some that are 20 years older, can behave the same way. It's fine if people goof off and mess around with banning and joking, to let the person right back on, but if they have no legitimate reason, but to be an ASS, then further action should be taken.
Thank you,

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