Korn's flaws

Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 1:46 PM

I thought this would make a good idea for a thread. Basically, list the complaints you have with specific songs, albums,music videos, or Korn in general.

I was just listening to the "Alone I Break". I like the song, but I think it would of been better if it was heavier. It would be better if, near the end of the song, there was a heavy breakdown. The song was too mellow, I sensed a lot of pent up rage in the song, and it never got through.

Also, the songwriting on most of "Take a Look in the Mirror" is uninspired. I would of liked it if there was more variety in the lyrics, not just Jon bellowing about how much he hates everybody.

Also, "Thoughtless". I like the song, but is it really worth Jon's time to complain about being bullied in high school? He was 31 when this song came out, don't you think that's too old to be complaining about it? The music video doesn't make sense either. Why is the kid being picked on? Why are the jocks beating him up for no reason?

Speaking of that, "Let the Guilt Go". That's the THIRD time Korn used the whole "unpopular kid vs the jocks" cliche in one of their music videos.

Finally, "Untitled". I love the album, but it would of been perfect if Munky and Fieldy got more time to shine. You couldn't hear Fieldy's bass, Munky never got a good chance to really do something cool. I would of liked it the bass and guitar were tuned up more, and that the synths didn't overpower them.

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