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    Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:56 PM

    riklite wrote:

    You're definitely not a drummer if you think David is better than Ray. 15 years ago it might have been close but David is a shell of the drummer he once was. I would still take Ray over David in his prime.

    There is no "prime" for a good drummer. Look at Buddy Rich, his best and most memorable drum solos were when he was more then 60+ years old. Dave Silveria's breakbeats fit so well with KoRn, and is mostly what gave KoRn there groovy sound. Ray's breaks are not nearly as groovy. Ray also doesn't compliment the band. He doesn't have that groovy technique that Dave can do so well, and can't match his drum fills. He tries to do his fills, but just does his own fill that doesn't compliment the music.

    I can't stand the way KoRn sounds nowadays. After Issues, its just unlistenable, which is a shame, because there first four releases are truly great records. KoRn has always incorperated some form of electronic sound effects into there music, but not on this level. This dubstep crap is so trendy, and is not the KoRn I grew up with.

    Dave has stated that if they bring him back, he will bring back the original KoRn sound we all know and love. This is a fact, since his breakbeats are the fundamental part of there groovy sound. As I said before, friends fight, and say stupid things. This only brings friends closer together. Please Head, if you are the Christian you say you are, please read Matthew 6:15.

  2. Re: fish

    Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    davedogg wrote:
    Everyone stop sucking rays D***!!

    yeah,ray is god enough to stay with band