Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 5:24 PM

I have only been listening to Korn for almost a year, and I can already be considered one of their biggest fans. I have listened to every song by them, all their lyrics, know everything about their history and everything. How do you I relate to Korn's music? Well, when I first started listening to Korn I was going through very hard times and was in a deep depression. You see, all my life I have been a loser. Looking back I have rarely ever been happy. My earliest memories include being yelled at by my parents and being picked on in school. You see, I am autistic and all my life I have struggled to fit in. All my life I have been socially awkward and no one ever understood me. Throughout elementary school I was a loser who was never interested in other kids and would get picked on. Then middle school rolled around, and it was awful. Everybody picked on me, everyday I would get teased and harassed, I would get called a "faggot", a "retard", and a "fatass". People would always be putting me down, yelling at me, making hateful comments, and people thought I was a freak and I was. In seventh grade I hit an all time low by sexual harassing a girl for about a month. This only made me feel more like a loser. Not long after I was backstabbed by a group of people I thought were my friends. They went up to me and yelled terrible things like "**** you, your a mistake in life". I felt friendless and helpless. Not long after I fell into the grips of anorexia nervosa. I rapidly lost weight, and people still made fun of me, thus I lost even more weight. I ate less than 1,000 calories a day, was obsessed with food and isolated myself, my hair was falling out, I was lethargic and hopeless. In eighth grade I weighed about 88 pounds, and was almost put in the hospital on numerous occasions. I developed terrible OCD and started taking Risperidone. Over the summer before ninth grade I was diagnosed with an hypothrodism as a result of my eating disorder and starting taking Levythroxine. To top it all off, I had to move cross-country, which only made my more depressed. I had lost the few friends I had and had to go to school a new state, where people still treated me like dirt, and my eating disorder and depression was as bad as ever. It was in October of last year when I discovered Korn. Their music was like, total thepary and I could relate to all of their songs. I had found a way to vent my anger, through music. However, none of this helped my mental and psychical state much. In November of last year I suffered a panic attack in the back seat of the car and thought I was dying. A few weeks later I went a psychiatrist and starting taking prozac, and soon Zypexa. This was a turning point in my life, and I soon, through effort, with the help of my psychiatrist, and with the help of Korn's music, gradually recovered from my eating disorder, OCD, and depression. I still struggle with depression sometimes, but I, for once in my life, feel happy. And I am looking forward to going to school again come August, because I actually have friends now.

So thank you Korn. Thank you for your wonderful music. You guys tell your stories. How do you relate to Korn's music?

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  1. Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    First of all I love them for their music, their creativity and their style.
    I just realized the other day that it was Korn who made me want to play bass a long time ago. I didn't even listen to them back then, but I think I saw a video on MVT or VH1 or something and just thought: "I wanna play like that!".

    And I've always used music to deal with different issues in my life.
    Diffrent bands for different feelings.
    And lately Korn is the band for my feelings.

    I've been through a lot since last summer.
    I've changed a lot, found friends and intrests that I know I'll have for the rest of my life. Which is good.
    But with the good I get the bad.
    I suffer from panic anxiety attacks, and it's hell for me.
    And this year has only made it worse.

    Mostly because some of my best friends left me. They just dumped me, since I wasn't good enough anymore I guess. I still cry because of it.
    They knew almost everything about me. I trusted them with my life. And then they were gone.
    At the same time they're not.
    I have to meet one of them because of my work (I work with teenagers and arrange activites and stuff for them). And she's just pretending we're ok. I do to, but I'm crying inside.
    I'm crying as I write this.
    And one, whom I saw as one of my best friends, is back from school during summer now. I saw her the other day in a café. I felt sick because of the wave of anxiety that washed over me.

    That's the main thing. When I write it down it feel so small, but it hurts so much.
    Everything that's been happening around is just amplified that pain.

    I moved away to study for a while abroad. Leaving my friends and family was awful. I need them in my everyday life... And I had a hard time making friends at my school.
    And then when I came back, everything just felt weird and unreal.
    I had a bit of a crisis with myself.
    And there's always a crisis around me. My mother is suffering from MS, my father has spinal injuries, my younger brother suffered from lyme disease, my older brother is dealing with addiction, my sister is stressed out, my friends have financial problems as well as lots of other shit.
    Just a few weeks ago I held one of "my boys" as he cried. He haven't cried in years. He almost had a panic attack because he got so scared when he couldn't stop crying.
    I've always been told I got a big heart. And every time someone I love is in pain my heart breaks.

    But music makes it better. Makes is easier.
    I love it when I find a song that makes me go: "Oh! This is just how I feel!"
    It helps to get words to the emotions that I feel. It makes things clearer.

    And that's what Korn does to me.
    Their music makes me see things more clearly and understand them better.
    They make it all feel okay. Better.

    And I love them for it.

  2. gia avatar gia

    Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    I can totally understand how it is when a best friend leaves u just because, because they get bored with u and u r not good anymore for them, thats fucked up shit, I still cant kinda get over one my friend who did it to me and it was like good 13 years ago (thats when i started to listen to KoRn heh)

  3. RE: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    e__e I had a huge thing typed out, but it said there was an error when I tried to submit my post.

    There simply aren't enough words to sum up how grateful I am for Korn.

    In seventh grade I was bullied (and not bullied by girls, but by boys), I eventually became depressed and started cutting myself. I had to take medication and see a counselor until I was a Sophomore in High School.
    Around this time I discovered Korn's music and started listening to them. Whenever I felt like harming myself, I would listen to their music (at this time I only had a burnt CD with random Korn songs on it) and feel much better. Granted, Korn didn't always prevent me from doing this, but it had a huge impact. In a way Korn has saved my life.
    I still use Korn as a way to escape everything.

    Thank You Korn, for everything.

    Your throat I take grasp.
    Then your eyes roll back.
    Love racing through my veins.

  4. Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    Geez may I just start by saying that one reason I love KoRn: Because of the many wonderful fans who A) like me for me and B) actually UNDERSTAND (without being cliche and being all "I understand" and crap. You REALLY DO!) And you guys care, and that is so unlike my other friends.

    Before I even turned two my parents got a divorce and the judge ruled that my brother and I were to live with my Mom and only have supervised visits with my Dad. ell, THAT never happened. Seeing as my Mom was now a single Mother (whom was a 21yr old single mom with two kids) she wanted tim alone sometimes. So she'd pawn us off on our Dad every 2weeks for the weekend. Dad is a good 3yrs older then my Mom and hes psycotic (literally. He was diagnosed as psycotic- or crazy for no apparent reason.) He used "love" everything my brother did and "hate" everything I did.
    He'd pull my hair and scream at me telling me I was worthless and that I was a peice of shit. He even would call me "Daddy's little girl" and "Daddy's princess" all in the same sentence. I was only 6. I once had a headache and he wanted to make me take adult advil (um... BTW DONT give your 6yr old adult advil!) He put it between two peices of cheese and told me to swallow. You can't swallow a chunk of cheese, and you can't chew a pill! He got so pissed off so I tried swallowing it only to choke and throw up on the kitchen floor. Lets just say... I had to clean it up, wasnt my only "punishment."

    When I was 8yrs old I met a boy who was 12 and i thought he was my best friend. Alone with a girl named Nicole and my brothers friends. Well Nicole soon started calling me a "slut" and that I wasnt pretty and stuff. And my brothers friends used to pull my hair, bite me, kick me, push me, pinch me (the list goes on.) But that one 12yr old boy, got me alone once and didnt hesitate to, well try his shit on me (which didnt work in the end.)

    And then finally I was diagnosed with Sever Aplastic Anemia in 2007 (much like Leukemia only non cancerous) when I was 10. I had a bone marrow trasnplant when I was 11, and have been cured since 2009. (YAY!!! :D) But when I came home from the hospital when I was 11 I became depressed and suicidal for a short time...

    Im also the "freak" at school for liking KoRn (among other things.) And most people just plain ignore me.
    I have a few minor disabilities (that I get called out for, for NO REASON.)

    So all in all Im not widly liked by people other then fellow KoRn fans (thanks for having my back!!!

  5. Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 12:37 AM

    IDENTIFY, i am so lone ,nobody understands me, i sometimes feel like i was born out of time, it has been like this forever, ever since i remember, my refuge was music, i was made on rock&roll songs, i should say intelectual rock&roll ,stix, aerosmith ozzie, alice cooper, p floyd led zeppelin,emerson lake and palmer,johnny winter even elton john the cure, bunch of grunge too i just cant tell them all here, later nina hagen susan vega rammstein marylin Manson eminem metalica, silverchair,peter gabriel apocaliptica and i don't want to press myself to think so hard now,the list is endless then came KOrN, on MTV, the sound, the voices, the videos, it was as if it was made for me by someone reading my mind. and it gets better all the time.don't get me wrong i relate well to people of all ages and from all walks of life, at all cultural levels, is not a problem.... problem was to see myself,and i am very picky at choosing who to mingle with, rather be a loner, and treat everybody as if i already knew them, i am very happy all the time and very hiper most of the time. always tought that i was one of a kind, then comes KoRn and i buy see you on the other side,luxury edition lucky me,that was my first KOrN cd inside, there is a pass to this site, i placed it in my underwear drawer by accident, and lately found it, came to this site, and voila, i am here, like if thanks to koRN i am finding myself. i guess that's why they call them stars, they give us a light of knowledge in the darkness of our lives in the middle of ,so lost, oceans of people guided by fake "stars" we have to use our divine eternal light, that shines within us, to recognize the true stars, i guess it is easy if you are true to yourselves, let your concience be your guide, and try the best to keep your heart clean

  6. Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    I can relate to many of korns songs they are my favorite band!!!
    I want to thank them for being so honest and making quality music.

  7. Re: Thank you KoRn (how do you relate to KoRn's music?)

    Fri, May 16, 2014 at 8:54 PM

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