Top 4 Songs Off Each Album

Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 6:16 PM

What are your top 4 tracks from each Korn album?

Here are mine:

Shoots and Ladders

Life is Peachy
Good God
Ass Itch
Kill You

Follow the Leader
It's On!
Freak on a Leash
Got the Life
Dead Bodies Everywhere

Falling Away From Me
4U/Beg For Me
Somebody Someone

Here to Stay
Alone I Break
No One's There

Take a Look in the Mirror
Right Now
Break Some Off
Counting On Me
Did My Time

See You On the Other Side
Twisted Transistor
Coming Undone
Last Legal Drug

Starting Over

Korn III: Remember Who You Are
Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
Pop a Pill
Holding All These Lies
Trapped Underneath the Stairs (Bonus Track)

The Path of Totality
Chaos Lives in Everything
Get Up!
Fuels the Comedy (Bonus Track)
Tension (Bonus Track)

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  1. Re: Top 4 Songs Off Each Album

    Tue, May 28, 2013 at 12:19 AM

    Need To
    Ball Tongue
    Shoots and Ladders

    Life is Peachy
    Good God
    No Place to Hide
    Ass Itch

    Follow the Leader
    Dead Bodies Everywhere
    Freak on a Leash
    Children of the Korn
    Got the Life

    Make me Bad
    Falling Away from Me
    Let's Get This Party Started

    I'll do the rest later. I will say though that I like that Jonathan Davis and Co wrote a song about the assholes that control everything on TPOT.

  2. RE: Top 4 Songs Off Each Album

    Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 2:36 PM

    Votes are after 15 voters. Only 14 voters for "Untitled" because one user listed about 8 songs for it, so I didn't count those.

    11 Blind
    7 Fake
    6 Ball Tongue
    5 Clown
    5 Need To
    5 Faget
    4 Predictable
    4 Lies
    4 Helmet in the Bush
    3 Daddy
    3 Shoots and Ladders
    3 Divine

    Life is Peachy
    12 Good God
    9 Kill You
    8 Chi
    6 Ass Itch
    5 ADIDAS
    3 Lost
    3 No Place to Hide
    3 Kunts!
    2 Twist
    2 Proud
    2 Mr. Rogers
    2 Swallow
    2 Wicked
    2 Porno Creep

    Follow the Leader
    8 Freak on a Leash
    7 It's On!
    7 Got the Life
    6 My Gift to You
    6 Reclaim My Peace
    5 Seed
    5 Dead Bodies Everywhere
    5 Justin
    5 B.B.K.
    3 Pretty
    2 All in the Family
    1 Cameltosis

    12 Trash
    9 Dirty
    7 Beg For Me
    6 Falling Away From Me
    6 Somebody Someone
    6 Counting
    5 No Way
    4 Make Me Bad
    3 Let's Get This Party Started
    2 Hey Daddy
    1 Dead

    11 Here to Stay
    8 Thoughtless
    7 Alone I Break
    5 Beat It Upright
    5 No One's There
    5 Hollow Life
    4 Hating
    4 Wake Up Hate
    4 Bottled Up Inside
    3 I'm Hiding
    2 Blame
    2 Embrace
    1 One More Time

    Take a Look in the Mirror
    8 Right Now
    8 Counting on Me
    7 Alive
    6 Break Some Off
    6 Let's Do This Now
    5 Did My Time
    4 Deep Inside
    4 I'm Done
    3 Here It Comes Again
    3 Y'All Want a Single
    3 Play Me
    3 When Will This End
    1 Everything I've Known

    See You On the Other Side
    8 Coming Undone
    6 Liar
    6 Love Song
    5 Twisted Transistor
    5 Last Legal Drug
    5 Open Up
    4 Eaten Up Inside
    4 For No One
    4 Seen It All
    3 Hypocrites
    2 Getting Off
    2 Tearjerker
    2 Politics
    2 Souvenier
    1 It's Me Again
    1 Too Late I'm Dead
    1 Throw Me Away

    9 Starting Over
    8 Killing
    6 Hold On
    5 Ever Be
    5 Innocent Bystander
    5 Evoluution
    4 Bitch We Got a Problem
    3 Kiss
    3 Overture and Obituary
    3 Do What They Say
    2 I Will Protect You
    1 Once Upon a Time
    1 Intro
    1 Love and Luxury

    Korn III: Remember Who You Are
    10 Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
    10 Pop a Pill
    6 Holding All These Lies
    6 Fear is a Place to Live
    5 Are You Ready to Live?
    5 Let the Guilt Go
    4 The Past
    4 Move On
    3 Trapped Underneath the Stairs
    3 Never Around
    2 People Pleaser
    1 Lead the Parade
    1 Uber-time

    The Path of Totality
    10 Get Up!
    8 Narcissistic Cannibal
    6 Fuels the Comedy
    6 Tension
    5 Chaos Lives in Everything
    4 Kill Mercy Within
    4 My Wall
    4 Burn the Obedient
    4 Way Too Far
    3 Bleeding Out
    3 Illuminati
    2 Let's Go
    1 Sanctuary

  3. Re: Top 4 Songs Off Each Album

    Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 9:17 AM


    Life is Peachy:
    3. No Place to Hide
    4.Mr. Rogers

    Follow the Leader:
    1.Freak on a Leash
    3.Got the life

    1.Make me Bad
    2.Wake up
    3.Beg for me
    4.Falling away from me

    1.One more Time
    2Hollow life
    3.No one´s There

    Take a look in the Mirror:
    1Counting on me
    2.Deep inside
    3.Let´s do this now
    4.Everything i´ve known

    See you on the other side:
    1.Throw me away
    2.Coming undone
    4.Twisted Transistor

    2.Bitch we got a problem
    3.Do what they say
    4.Starting over

    KornIII:remember who you are:
    1.Holding all these lies
    2.Lead the Parade
    3.Let the Guilt go
    4.Fear is a place to live

    Path of Totality:
    1.Bleeding out
    2. Burn the Obedient
    3.Narcissistic Cannibal
    4. Chaos lives in everything

    Paradigm Shift:
    1. Paraniod&Aroused
    2.Tell me what you want
    3.Lullaby for a sadist
    4.Mass Hysteria

    KoRn is Lifestyle!

  4. Re: Top 4 Songs Off Each Album

    Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    KoRnNutz wrote:
    Heres my top 4(idk why its not top 5 lol)

    Need To
    Ball Tongue
    Shoots And Ladders

    Life Is Peachy
    Kill You
    Good God
    No Place To Hide

    Follow The Leader
    Its On
    My Gift To You
    Freak On A Leash

    Falling Away From Me
    Beg 4 Me

    Here To Stay
    Hollow Life
    Wake Up Hate

    Counting On Me
    Did My Time
    Yall Want A Single

    Open Up
    Twisted Transistor
    Coming Undone

    Hold On
    Starting Over
    Overture And Obituary

    KoRn III
    Pop A Pill
    People Pleaser
    Fear Is A Place To Live

    Path Of Totality
    Get Up!
    Kill Mercy Within
    Lets Go

    Now that the new one is out ill go ahead and put my top 4 from it(kinda late but owell lol)
    The Paradigm Shift
    Mass Hysteria
    Prey For Me
    Lullaby For A Sadist
    Love And Meth

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