Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 5:58 PM

korn like alot of other bands have hidden track lists for their albums

im not sure why bands do this

but usually they put hints in the music videos or the cd booklet

for example the songs lyrics are listed in a different order in the booklet than on the track list on the cd each band has their own way of doing this

untouchables has 1 song that acts as a key which is wake up HATE if you look at song 8 One more time and look at the songs around it you can spell out HATE in the first letters of those songs if you zig zag up and down and you get this

here to stay
one more time
Alone i break
bottled up inside
beat it upright
hollow life
wake up hate
im hiding
make believe
no one's there
here to stay (t-rays mix)

now the reason i left here to stay where it was is because that song is here to stay it doesn't move i also think there is more that you are supposed to do with the track list such as put bottled up inside next to wake up hate as the last line in bottled up inside is and all this hate is bottled up inside so you have to wake that hate up also if you notice in the here to stay video the kid at the beginning is wearing a shirt with the number 6 on it im pretty sure that means either track 6 of untouchables or track 6 of issues goes next to here to stay

now im not sure if this tracklist is correct as i have no contact with the band this is more of a hobby of mine and ive found supporting evidence in other bands work (SOAD, Marilyn Manson, TOOL) that they rearrange the track lists feel free to ask me about those bands

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