Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

Tue, May 22, 2012 at 11:25 PM

So, I am not sure if everyone read my introductory post or not but I live in Bakersfield, CA the home of KoRn. I was a pretty big fan of them back in the day growing up but in recent years kind of stopped following them after Take a Look in The Mirror. Well to cut a long story short, I just purchase all 10 studio albums off of eBay for $68. I am pretty stoked as I ordered the special editions of a few and am looking forward to hearing the extra material and trying to get into them again. I had a quick question though, what do you all think about each of their albums individually? Are they all equally good? Some better than others? Or are some not worth buying at all? Interested to hear your feedback.


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    Wed, May 23, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    MontezCrow wrote:
    Awesome! Yeah, The Path of Totality isn't as bad as a lot fans say it is. Like you said it just takes some time to get used to it, but once it grows on you, you realize that is defiantly korn just a little dubby. Especially tracks like Kill mercy within, My wall, Let's Go, Get Up, and Bleeding Out have Korn written all over them lol, And that's great that you enjoyed Korn IIII, not my favorite but I still listen to it, I don't know but the production just bugs me about Korn III but owell, still a good ablum; but that's the cool thing about Korn how each album appeals differently to each fan! They equal the best band live period! The encounter is so amazing, I'm glad they put it out on DVD, it was a special performance!

    I was stoked to watch it as it was filmed in Bakersfield, CA (same place I live) and if you're from here you can tell that it has Bakersfield written all over it, which is pretty awesome in itself. The production does sound a tad different compared to some of their other albums as of late, but hey it makes it all the more unique and separates it from the other KoRn albums.

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    Thu, May 24, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    the first 2 albums KORN + LIFE IS PEACHY i love because they just display the true savage raw emotion that jd was feeling and alot of people can relate them to them 2 albums, FOLLOW THE LEADER was their breakthrough comercially but still layed true to the old korn sound with some added hiphop vibes, but still a dark n raw album like the previous 2, ISSUES is their best produced album to date, its just a masterpeice! UNTOUCHABLES they introudced some synths and experimented abit with some decent tracks on there, its a good album but not their best and some old fans didnt really warm to it, so they came back with the old sound with TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR which is probs their heaviest record to date, with alot of savage vocals n screaming, and includes some OLD tracks ie. ALIVE which was on their first demo tape 'NEIDERMIERS MIND'!! SYOTOS went back to experimenting again and has alot more melodic tendanceys to it, i someitmes like it and sometimes not all depends what mood im in, but there is some tracks i do like of it, and is well produced, UNTITLED at first i hated it, i never actually bought it until about 6months ago purely to add it to the 'collection' lol since ive had it ive tried giving it a chance, its ok about 2 decent tracks on it that i can say i like, its not really an album to headbang or shout along to, which kinda sucks :P and i think the fact that they NEVER play any songs off that album live proves that point! KORN III i quite liked it, loved it when it first came out, but the more i listened the more i noticed the lach of production, it just sounds pretty empty to older KoRn albums, my opinion for that is beacuse they tried to re-create the old korn sound but without head, which would be impossible! PATH OF TOTALITY is obv their most experimental, and it deffinatly works, thers some great songs on that album, i like it as an ablum but id prefer it if it stayed as that and try to create something more rocky with their next album
    in the sea of life, your just a minnow,
    you live your life, insecure,
    i feel the pain, of your needles,
    as they shit, into my brain..

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    Fri, May 25, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Well said. i think thats almost exactly how i feel. except i believe that they still have got that old school korn sound in them without Head or David. They just havent found it yet. I have faith in them . one of these days they will come out with a LIFE IS PEACHY 2 ALBUM . I think that the untilted one couldve been better. Starting over is an awsome song. i thought the whole album was going to be like that but it didnt turn out that way. Korn III had good stuff in it too , oildale , great song. I really hope that on a future album that they incoperate the style of singing they had for Life is Peachy.

    One more thing. when i said the stuff about Head and David i didnt mean that they are replaceable cuz there not, i miss them in korn they are both great at what they do but with or without them i think the other guys have done a great job with the music.Every band has a slump and they will get stronger agian. just give them time.AND AS FOR THE NEW ALBUM................ WELL DONE!! I LOVED IT:)

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    Fri, May 25, 2012 at 11:54 AM

    I think that their next album will probably be another experiment more that likely. I would say that it will probably be a mix of Korn III and TPOT. What about you guys?

  5. Re: Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

    Fri, May 25, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    PeachToddler wrote:
    I think that their next album will probably be another experiment more that likely. I would say that it will probably be a mix of Korn III and TPOT. What about you guys?

    Honestly, I think you're right. I mean Korn never go back anyways, unless they're pleasing I.E. TALITM and KIII, but an album hybrid of the Rawness and Energy of KIII and the Maturity/Dubkorn/Production of TPOT to me sounds like it will be a fuckin killer album! KIII/POT hybrid FTW!!!!!

  6. Re: Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

    Mon, May 28, 2012 at 3:02 AM

    Truth for me at least is that every Korn album is quite different in the sound that it's really impossible to say some are better than others sometimes....I have my favourites, but alwways find some of my least faves are someone else's first favourites..which I love because it shows that each has it's own merits and cracking tracks to get right into...for me my favourite is still issues for the memories and the emotions it rakes up inside, and the sound, but I could never leave the wacky sounds of LIP and KORN...they just define everything and leave that giddy smile on all the time...but so glad you re-found the guys, they're worth a second chance ;)

    Take care

    ...be yourself, let you come through...

  7. Re: Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

    Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    Most of their albums are pretty good but I don't like Korn III or the Untitled one from a few years ago. The special ones are Follow the Leader, Self Titled, and Life is Peachy.

  8. Re: Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

    Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    You bought Korn 3?! I'd take a look in the mirror.

  9. Re: Just Bought Every KoRn CD...

    Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    I bought all their albums for time to time at best buy and barnes and noble. The 1st and 2nd albums (KoRn and Life Is Peachy) were mabey their most emotional and raw albums. Their 3rd album (Follow the Leader) was an amazing rap-metal type of album. their 4th one (Issues) was unique and cool it had the most use of JD's Bagpipes. The 5th one (untouchables) was when they started to sound completely diffrent,and i thought it was amazing The DVD had some cool music vids.. their 6th one (take a look in the mirror) was the last one with head (lol im sure you know cause you said something about that) and I would have to say its my favorite album. Their 7th one (See You on the other side) was when most people started not liking korn. I think thats bull they still make good music and they do a very good job putting alot of effort, emotion, and passion in their music. this was more of a pop-rock type of album I thought it was pretty neat and catchy. Their 8th one (Untitled) was Pretty unique too, I personally liked the songs Hold On, Evolution, and Killing. Their 9th one (KoRn III: Remember Who You Are) was one of my favorite albums, it was a little bit like their 1st 2 albums lyrically, but not as heavy. their 10th and newest one (The Path of Totality) was awesome, They made a new Dubstep-Metal type of genre and it was just amazing. I COMEPLETELY agree with you, the encounter dvd showed that they are still very passionate about their music, and very ongoing, emotionaly, and effortful.

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    Fri, May 16, 2014 at 8:54 PM

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