To the band of Korn - I thank you for your indirect support

Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 6:25 PM

You guys are one of my favorite bands. Always have been since I was younger. Just recently, my school suffered a major loss: two of our students (one being a fellow classmate of mine) were brutally murdered very close to home and school. I will spare the details. Earlier tonight, at the candle lighting for the two students, I started playing one of your songs: Alone I Break. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, sang along and told me they could relate to it. They were telling me that this song is a good motivator to help those severely impacted to not forget, but just to move on past this. I thank you guys for writing the song. It is full of emotion, and everybody I knew could relate to it during the candle lighting. Thanks a lot guys. You work very hard to keep us entertained, and in this case, keeping everyone close and bound together in our time of need.

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