Purple sky Voodoo

Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 7:42 AM

Crystalite shattered light core showers pelted the Moon
Darkside of my moon
Army in the dark.....
Big litter ball!...
Ice clowds
Flowers of the Next iceage to the next showers
Aero nautical smiths arise
Hard to detect.
Full Spectrum creed
Helmut in the woods
That was my full spectrum helmut!
porn chips.lol
Left it in the dirt......^
The hunt for the Beachball sized flea.
band member of Aerosmith 9 lives
Ancient artifact?
the mounds in the dirt.
Just pick it off..
666crazycatnews Signing out
Grim reapers comic book.
Looks like the walk in the garden of Eden.
Da book of hope.
Steven u are god.man
I bring the Voodoo
Comic book!
Korn X-files?

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