I am a ghost of

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 1:28 AM

Christ at the blackmass .
Sheading of the soul of rubber man suit.
Diety of crown of horns not thorns.
Lives high in the sky. Not a poster figure out why.
Golden suns at my hand.
I give the last command.
See ya on the flip side I dont eat chips only on hunts to stay up all night.
Hear try these nuts the ones on the roof! Thems so good but I think ill have some dove for breakfast.caught on boat land to be
Ill just stay HIGH above you and shoot some roaches.
In the breaze.
Cant touch this.lol
I am Santa Clause the 1st of 13 .AKA G oodness O f D iety.
To save you all.
From Silent nights with no beer.
Cause if you dont know an x-file if you have never seen one well!
Blind eyes.
Welcome to Hell....
Shammans table my blask mass.
Great Hooded Cockaroach hunter. The rumplestiltskin pazuzzu. Noise description no cane.
Gotta love the house hold model of a roaches post in your house.At Christmas.
Mines fiber optic.Lamp stand. Bait the tree. and hope it goes their.
Grass dont fold like that.....
Only when YODA is rollin it..
sorry you dont see me.
Ill just step away from the mirror. my breath is too cold.
666 was a beast of a quake
Tourniquet of christ demo of tech plate calculation.
Its like Carmen Sandiego with tails from the crypt over tones.Entombed in the twilight zone of a quantum leap through time.
But in the flesh.
What you dont know will lead to what was it all worth. Reality is more than just fantasy why deny the all seeing eye. We all have a vision of tomorrow. To live in the sunshine.
He was in a manger surrounded by machines.His birthdays commin up.The conductor of the ultra violet army.

Pass me the JD.
Merry Christmas!"Ghosts of a mocking bird vulture eye pecker Christmas past."Its as close as I can get to solving y so many had to die.
Momentums Clause.My Gyro Scope. My peace.
All in the name of God.
Peace not war. Dam relic hunters.

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