The act of Marduk Owl.

Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 11:36 AM

H ow
O ur
L ove
Y earns
B ecause
I n
L ife
E xists
XTERTERESTRIAL Silver bells. Santa Clause.
Bullies b ware Santa dont like u souls that bring about suicide.
Un acceptiable.
L et
O ur
V ision

"D "what destiny do you choose?
DEVINE why the Owl brought wine.

I am Mr Devine.............Makes me laugh! So fN cheesey.
The whole worlds a stage
The act of Isaias
When you run into their young they freeze so still and the crazyness comin your way you have to play along present them with a shinny sparkly object and grab that Roach pull it forward and stomp where it splits in two central nervous system if u fail shes a black marry. RIP.
Relick pic of Marduk and Dog. Sparkly arms. And big hand.
Weapons it has:
Corundum creed. Used Cattle mutilations
High cerosive acid vial pressurized. Pray you dont step on it..
Voice synthesyzer wired one bad ass twisted collections of transistors I want the old one.
Its Mask^^^^^^^^^^
Booties to help it stand up right with out a cane of pazzuzu.
One traveling motor home Shell with little red wiskers It in north america somewhere
If u do find do not poke with stick.
State of the art Medical kit.
The bearers of Plauges revelations boxes that santa dont bring gifts of cheer.

Oranges of anguish.

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