Korny nursery rhymes of reason.

Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Three wise ass Kings that didnt make it through a cigar.
of orie and r is dialects of their speach.
3 wise men that entered a camp of of the ultra violet dream.
Annunki clay pots of 3. One male 3 female. The front man that when its gold and veiny wings like how it was spun into impossible gold.
"The annihilation in their lair." Date of none left. Arrival dinosaurs. Control of man kind.B.C. Ad: new arrival planet of asteroid field. Water party over here what else is coming?
Crimsons of red sword and sicle the dance of a roaches clay man.Revelations of lamps that stood around internal sun machines. We r spirits passing through the doors of time
peaches is what we find shadows on the mountain side.
Flying through the trees one night came accross a cherry tree. The small dog barking badger in the tall grass folding. Then I knew what it was. Thats what I called it. It doesnt know its name yet new arrivals The tea party "Edges of Twilight" My twilight zone.Voice synth on the roaches face.
Trying to figure out how that got wrote. It cross paths with some one else?
Yes obviously.
For when its back split in two.
Next arrival of Rumple stilt skins. Aka Rumply abdomain stilty legs shinny skin.
halloween all over again. For when you hear the door bell at night or a knock at the door and on the otherside you hear "Mommy let me in". Thats a mommy you dont wanna let in. Ulra violet army made to look for them bug extraction . Sex organ leaves a ultra violet trail in black light. it can go pluck a pumpkin. Demon at your door.Pumpkin droppin tails.
Exorcisims of the silent nights of winter and the unknown clause. Rumplestiltskins.
The blood greedy worm with teeth The black clause.
No more sacrificing the little lambs. old school. Bowl kerplop!
Just call 911.

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