Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Pyramid latched from the in side. Not a tomb.
Scarab beetle of crimsons of red.
Genisiss book over the water hovering carving of the techtonic plate 666 /2005 to the missing stone of the original broach 5 back into the year 111 below the abdomain rounded stone you have the right PIE answer. To the hells train that is moving Aerosmith 9 lives the grim reapers keys to the future comic book is coming true song called CRASH!!!!. The train and the dirt lifting on the right the train is moving.How high did thaT lift? Wheels of time crystal skull of mine the other calculated station .14----> DELAY. When does the little man in the cycle kick out is marked date in time. The true value of the date in question should be noted on Dejavu. The settling of the plate. Rocka plate lifting. What a wave wish we could have saved no one knew. Guilt gone. KariSHHHnas tea party after the unveiling flew up and out of the room.
Karishna is the sound of the decompression helmut as I looked over at her in the cold morning air peacock feather prismatic in the mornin sun.
Shamans tables to the coming hell.
Like a buisness card gave them all away.Fire in the hand. Where it bloomed god only knows.
Poltergeist Eggs unveiling roach 4:20 with a cane under side of craft at the end of the beam in the Temple of Abbydos Halo Hollow life craft to the right.
For when the frost thaw came to undue all the card faces washed away in the rain.
U and me we have no faces.
Treated like kings the shedding of the wet suits. Crystal suits of atire were left in the water Kilt tuck in radiation sheilding.1st contact. Building of----->a temple.

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