I am the Aluminating Light Stand!

Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 8:52 PM

For not so brightly acknowledging lamp stand to stand away from me wisps of the real parts of POWER!Rising out of the Artic ocean.exhailling wall displayed vapor streams Mr Egyptian. HISSSS!Shivas blue snake hissing corrundum creed in hand left the glass in Lybia dessert sand..
Illuminati only wish they ran this JOINT!
Ship Captain First in charge. The Black Shadow on roof Raft Judges of many colors.
Lets count some Eggs.
My mind soul holds the KEY!
Pillar of power Doves twilight hour
Y the boater is so sour!
Horns of costume hour
One of many pillars of my souls atire.
Bugs comin.
We r not alone
Promise to guide all through the darkest night
Into the next Twilight.
Boat hells fire god forbid whats in the skies.
D oes
O ur
V ision
E xist
Piss off that Dove of Moses sight and well lets say ....
Book of Revelations Lamp stands.its not alone...Ship full of them.
Parting of the Red Sea was hunting little bug blend Rumplestilty! Pazzuzu with out a cane.

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