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    Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    I´ve been a fan of LB since the first record^^Three dollar bill ya´ll^^And now i´ve to be honest ,i´m really asking myself why everybody hates on Fred Durst that much,he seems to be a real pretty cool guy,anyway!
    I always liked the sound of this Band,saw them already a few times live,and they rock(not like koRn,nobody tops them live)!
    There are a lot of songs i really love,but my fav record of them is Chocolatestarfish....the other records i also like,but on that record are the songs i really like!
    1.Hold on
    2. Nobody like you feat. Jonathan Davies
    3.the one
    4.It´ll be ok
    5.Underneath the Gun
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